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In our Assessment Centre applications, it is aimed that your current and potential managers and manager candidates will acquire basic awareness for their development in line with the competencies of your institution and their duties, and to draw up action plans about their areas of development.

An assessment centre is a one-to-one process, using multiple assessment techniques from multiple sources, to obtain comprehensive and objective information about current and potential competencies. The assessment centre can be applied to both existing employees, new candidates and people who are in the process of promotion.

What the Assessment Centre brings to your institution,

  • Observation of behaviour and attitudes, not knowledge
  • Support with various measurement tools, inventories, case-group study, interviews and simulations
  • Application of each participant under the same conditions
  • All kinds of data (including personality traits) related to the observed participant should be noted and reported in detail.
  • Clear and standardized assessment scale
  • Having more than one evaluator

PDR Group Evaluation Centre is carried out by consultants who are experts in their fields and have Human Resources and Evaluator Certificate. For detailed information, you can send an e-mail to info@pdr.com.tr  or contact us on 0 216 709 17 37.