PDRILA (International Leadership Academy)

Our Vision:

Within the framework of universal models, being the most preferred leadership school who educates leaders of international quality with its rich knowledge, models and outputs and preferred in every platform.

Our Mission:

Is to train innovative, action and purpose-oriented leaders who aim to contribute positively to all the stakeholders they work with, giving importance to relationships, communication and respect, embracing change and differences, hardworking, determined and willing to develop themselves, together

What do we aim?

  • Being a strategic business partner in the leader development and creation process of institutions
  • To be a structure that is preferred not only for today’s leadership needs, but also for the future, whose results can be seen and measured.
  • To gain reputation and recognition as a brand in international markets, especially in Türkiye
  • We aim to train leaders who can keep up with today’s fast-changing, uncertain, complex and ambiguous VUCA World.

Our Academy Model

We stand by the Leaders with our program titles, measurements, simulations, assessment centre applications, coaching and mentoring support, and digital training journeys specially prepared for different levels for Senior Managers, Middle Level Managers, First Level Managers, New Manager Candidates and Blue – Gray Collar Managers.

Our Perspective

  • We know that leadership is not a result to be reached, we believe that the basic thing is the potential to reveal leadership in our different roles in life.
  • Awareness can be given through trainings, and leadership development can be done while working with the team on the job.
  • Completion of the program takes place not with the completion of the trainings, but with the reflection of the targeted developments to the work and the team.