Our Goal is

Continuing the development!

As PDR Group, we offer our Micro  E Learning trainings in order to support the development of our participants in our Training and Consultancy projects.

Micro-learning is known as a way of providing information material to individuals in short and focused modules.

The duration of our Micro E-Learning trainings is 3 to 5 minutes. It is specially prepared for the needs and expectations of individuals and institutions.

We can assign our Micro E-Learning trainings to our participants in our projects through our PDR LMS systems, if you wish, we can integrate them into the systems within your institution.

As a company that has been serving hundreds of companies in the fields of live training, digital platform, video and simulation to date, you can contact us at info@pdr.com.tr or 0 216 709 17 37 to get information about the models we will design according to the needs of your institution