PDR International Coaching & Mentoring Academy

PDRICMA is a PDR Group company established in May 2020 with the aim of “inspiring development, sharing and transformation”.

We offer you ICF Approved Professional Coaching Certification Programs, Individual and Corporate Coaching and Mentoring services with our PDRICMA team, which consists of professional coaches and mentors with ICF titles who have internalized the coaching philosophy and stance and are equipped with universal values.

For detailed information about PDRICMA, you can visit www.pdricma.com.tr.



  • We carry out Internal Coaching and Internal Mentoring projects that are necessary to create a Corporate Coaching Culture in professional business life and to bring new world leaders out of the organization in business life.
  • We prepare our programs with the latest competencies and ICF ethical values, and convey to you the competencies and current developments that coaches and mentors should have today.
  • We guide our volunteer coaches to become members of world coaching platforms.
  • With our coaches under PDRICMA, we offer you our diversity as the school with the highest number of coaches in the sector.
  • We give our coaches with ICF titles, who are advancing strongly and steadily in their coaching journey, the opportunity to be a part of PDRICMA if they meet the criteria.
  • In order to provide lifelong sustainable training and development support to our coaches who have completed our coaching program, we provide discounts at certain rates in our programs within the PDR Group.
  • We bring together well-known coaches in Türkiye and the world to share their experiences.
  • We enable you to hear the coaching needs of the business world first hand by bringing our coaches together with the top-level leaders of the leading companies in the sector within our programs.
  • We provide coaching practices to our coaches who have completed our ICF Approved PDRICMA Professional Coaching Certification Programs by assisting them in our upcoming programs if they meet the specified criteria.
  • We support our graduates who participate in our PDRICMA Certification Programs with different inventory and measurements within the program.
  • With our “Suspended Coaching” projects, we support our PDRICMA Graduates to find clients and gain experience in coaching hours.