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Human resources consultancy on human management and revealing employee potential; We provide training and system design consultancy on organizational structuring, development and corporate communication.

By offering creative, flexible, reliable and experience-based solutions, we act with the understanding of business partnership for our customers to have sustainable human resources management systems.

Employee Experience Design
Exit Interview Techniques
Assessment Center Mentoring
Assessment Center Application-DM
Training Internal Evaluators
Performance Management for HR Professionals
Human Resources Project Solutions
Human Resources Management for Non-Human Resources Managers
Candidate Experience in the Recruitment Process
Personnel Rights and Interview Techniques in Recruitment
Dismissal Policy and Its Effect on Employer Brand
Enneagram in Career Planning
Career and Talent Management
On-Line Orientation Design in Institutions
Corporate Training Process Management
Goal Evaluation Training with OKR
Onboarding Training (Orientation)
Competency Based Interview Techniques - Department Managers
Competency Based Interview Techniques Jr.
Competency Based Interview Techniques Sr.
Performance Management and Feedback for Managers
Basic Interview Techniques

After creating the training content according to the needs and expectations, we provide the first contact with our participants by sharing field work, pre-test, homework, survey, reading piece or video. 

After the most suitable method for training (on-line or face-to-face) is determined, presentations and applications are designed according to the type of training. All kinds of tools that will provide interactivity such as case studies, role-plays, practices, workshops are shaped in accordance with the training subject.

Necessary follow-up tools are used to transform training into behavior. In accordance with the training content, participants are enabled to continue their development after the training with resources such as post-tests, surveys and reading passages, as well as follow-up projects supported by LearnardoMicro LearningsE-LearningsPodcasts and Lutherone.

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