Coaching and Mentoring

We carry out Internal Coaching and Internal Mentoring projects that are necessary to create a Corporate Coaching Culture in professional business life and to bring new world leaders out of the organization in business life.

We prepare our programs with the latest competencies and ICF ethical values, and we convey to you the competencies and current developments that coaches and mentors should have today. We guide our volunteer coaches to become members of world coaching platforms.

We bring together well-known coaches in Türkiye and the world to share their experiences.

One-to-one Coaching
Agile Coaching
Enneagram Coaching (One-to-one Coaching)
ICF accredited Advanced Professional Coaching Certification Program / Level 1
ICF Accredited Professional Coaching Certification Program / Level 2
Career Coaching (One-to-one Coaching)
Career Coaching Training
Coaching Skills Development
Coaching-like Leadership
In-House Coaching Consultancy
In-House Mentoring Consultancy
Mentee Training Program
Mentoring Training
Mindful Coaching (One-to-one Coaching)
Student Coaching (One-to-one Coaching)
Sales Coaching
Team Coaching
Reverse Mentoring
Coaching-like Leadership with Transactional Analysis Perspective
YGA Executive Coaching
Effective Feedback and Feed Forward for Managers

After creating the training content according to the needs and expectations, we provide the first contact with our participant by sharing field work, pre-test, homework, survey, reading piece or video. 

After the most suitable method for training (on-line or face-to-face) is determined, presentations and applications are designed according to the type of training. All kinds of tools that will provide interactivity such as case studies, role-plays, practices, workshops are shaped in accordance with the training subject.

Necessary follow-up tools are used to transform training into behavior. In accordance with the training content, participants are enabled to continue their development after the training with resources such as post-tests, surveys and reading passages, as well as follow-up projects supported by LearnardoMicro LearningsE-LearningsPodcasts and Lutherone.

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