Corporate Culture Programs

Corporate culture, which is created by internal values, beliefs and habits, is one of the most important issues affecting the future of the enterprise. The norms, patterns, beliefs, attitudes that guide the behaviour of the employees and ultimately affect the decisions made. These decisions can create situations that determine the future and even the life of the enterprise.

As PDR Group, we present the corporate stance of the employees and their contribution to the way of doing business, by determining what the need is specific to the institution, with the titles we have designed by analysing the cultural framework of the institutions.

Effective Communication Skills
Assertive Communication / Assertive Behaviour
Welcoming Every Customer Like an Expected Guest
Professional Image in Business Life
Being a Team at Work / Teamwork
Being an Employee with a Corporate Culture
Written Communication Skills in Corporate Life
Being the Face of the Institution
Customer Experience Management
Customer Focused Service Skills
Complaint Management / Every Complaint is a Gift
Collection Techniques
Meeting Management
Dealing with Difficult People and Difficult Situations
Influence and Persuasion Techniques on the Phone
Effective Communication on the Phone
Providing Excellent Customer Service on the Phone
Negotiation and Persuasion Techniques on the Phone
Appointment Techniques on the Phone
Telephone Sales Techniques
Call Center Trainings

After creating the training content according to the needs and expectations, we provide the first contact with our participants by sharing field work, pre-test, homework, survey, reading piece or video. 

After the most suitable method for training (on-line or face-to-face) is determined, presentations and applications are designed according to the type of training. All kinds of tools that will provide interactivity such as case studies, role-plays, practices, workshops are shaped in accordance with the training subject.

Necessary follow-up tools are used to transform training into behavior. In accordance with the training content, participants are enabled to continue their development after the training with resources such as post-tests, surveys and reading passages, as well as follow-up projects supported by LearnardoMicro LearningsE-LearningsPodcasts and Lutherone.

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