Development of Sales & Marketing

The way to reveal your potential as an institution and to make a difference between you and your competitors in difficult market conditions is to establish a competent and efficient sales team and to reach the targets by ensuring that everyone adopts the marketing perspective.

As PDR Group, we aim to increase the competencies of our participants with special programs designed for sales teams and managers at all levels.

Which programs do we provide?

360° Customer Analysis and Leaving Presentations
Dealer, Channel and Key Account Management
Strengthening Customer Experience with Agile Sales
Phygital Marketing: Classic + Digital
Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Internal and External
Strong Team Building and Change Management
Image and Marketing from Personal to Corporate
Brand Management and Sustainability
Let Your Customer Be Your Lawyer: Collaboration Management
Convincing the Customer with Financial Skills
Private Sales: B2B, B2C, Purchasing, Store
Sales Coaching
Sales-Oriented Individual Performance Development
Sales-Oriented Persuasion, Negotiation Techniques
Practical Dialogues Through Sales Cases
Storytelling Technique in Sales
Improving Team Effectiveness with Business Intelligence in Sales
Sales Leadership and Inspiration Ability
Basic Selling Today and Beyond
Core Competencies That Make a Difference in the New World

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