Short – Mind Opening – For High Performance Aims

At the pace of today’s business life, it can be difficult to make time for growth and learning. It may be necessary to do a lot in a short time.

As PDR Group, we have prepared Express Seminars of 45-60-90 minutes for you to make the most effective use of this little time.

Thanks to our PDR Express Webinars you will be able to reach;

  • Quick learning on the topic you want
  • Sessions are only 45-60-90 minutes
  • A large number of participants in a session (with groups of 50-100-500+ participants)
  • Completely flexible sessions designed for your needs
  • ‘Brain-friendly’ learning methods to help learning
  • Focused topics to make a real difference
  • On-line platforms
  • Fun, interesting, up-to-date and colourful sessions

You can contact us at info@pdr.com.tr  in order to reach many of your participants interactively at the same time with our PDR Express Seminars.

PDR Express Webinars Catalogue