PDRSMA Sales & Marketing Academy

Our Vision: To offer up-to-date and innovative programs as a priority partner that produces international quality business performance within the framework of models that are designed in a universal structure.

Our Mission: Creating the desired commercial / sales / strategic culture by developing the targeted competencies of individuals, departments and affiliates.

What do we aim for?

Designing a development journey in line with current sales trends and corporate dynamics

Sectoral case studies to support with learning by experience models

Developing holistic competencies by adding value to the participant’s business and private life

To create trust with original methods and by being always by your side

Making learning instant, measurable, reportable and continuous with digital tracking systems
What We Provide?

UNIVERSAL APPLICATIONS | Experience Journeys, Case Studies, Digital Platforms, Simulations…

MODULAR PROGRAMS | Producing Performance with Programs Prepared with Different Modules and Methodologies

FEEDBACK AND DEVELOPMENT | Personalized feedback and improvement at every step before, during and after

What Level of Programs Do We Offer?

BASE | Basics and holistic view

EXPERIENCE | Expertise and in-depth look

EXCELLENCE | Leadership insights and visionary perspective