Global Projects
What better way to be inspired by our expertise in our global projects than by sharing the success stories we’ve helped our clients achieve?

We have contributed to the development, change and transformation of many organizations with our Global projects that we have carried out in the world and in Türkiye since 1989.

These organizations, many of which are already pioneers of their own industry, sought new opportunities to always stay one step ahead of the competition. Some have tried to overcome the serious difficulties and obstacles they faced by changing. After a period of rapid growth, some wanted to consolidate and make their way of doing business sustainable.

As PDR Group, we are committed to being the biggest helper of our customers in all kinds of change and development activities and we have tried to guide them with the experience we have gained in different countries of the world.

We share with you some of our Global projects we have realized:

Unilever provides Project Management and New Manager Development trainings all over the world, following an agreement with international corporate training companies.

We had the opportunity to work together on New Manager Development, Project Management, Conflict Management and Problem- Solving Programs, among the training contents specially prepared for the institution with the Global perspective of Unilever. Our programs were carried out by our Consultants for Unilever Türkiye teams in the form of training modules covering e-learning, measurement and then classroom training.

Johnson Controls has designed a special training for sales teams working in different countries of the world. The flow and content of this training program, prepared with a global perspective, was shared with PDR Group consultants in Geneva in a special workshop attended by consultants working abroad.

Training consultants from the countries involved in the project came together and revised the program content and flow specifically for their own countries in this workshop. After this workshop, PDR Group consultants supported all sales teams with a special program of 2+2=4 days.

Our global business partner CCM Consultancy organizes projects for pharmaceutical companies all over the world. As PDR Group, we run the training programs organized by CCM Consultancy for Bayer and Pfizer every year. In the organizations held in Greece and Dubai, our PDR Group consultants provided the “Winning Presentation Techniques” training specially prepared for doctors by Bayer and Pfizer, in English and Turkish, and ensured the completion of the project.

The “Exhibiting Leadership in Occupational Health and Safety” program, which Nestle uses all over the world, was carried out by the PDR Group consultants for Nestle Türkiye executives.

Emphasizing to leaders to align the occupational health and safety of their employees with Nestle standards, the program was held with a 1-day English workshop for the Nestle Türkiye senior management team and a 1.5-day Turkish workshop for the factory managers.

Our client Syngenta is a global giant operating in Türkiye in the field of seeds. Syngenta has decided to realize the Turkish branch of the international project it has planned to develop its Sales Team with the PDR Group. Need analysis and project leadership were done by our foreign business partner and expectations and follow-up processes from the project were shared. Subsequently, the fieldwork we conducted with Syngenta teams in Türkiye helped us to clarify the expectations of the sales team and their managers. The training program was successfully completed with a program specially prepared for the entire sales team and sales managers.

Our client Vestas is an energy company in Türkiye. The aim of the project was clarified as supporting Vestas executives in leadership and management skills. A 2-day training program was presented to Vestas’ managers in training activities conducted in different countries, including Türkiye.

A needs analysis was carried out before the project, and the project steps included trainings, one-to-one coaching sessions and information analysis. Our project, in which we have included observation and coaching reports for each of the Vestas Managers, has been successfully completed.

BIC® Türkiye has a wide range of products including BIC® writing instruments, BIC® KIDS colouring pens and markers, Tipp-Ex® correcting products, BIC® pocket and kitchen lighters, and women’s and men’s razor blades. It is available in many sales points all over the world.

Our customer worked with an international business partner within the scope of the BIC Europe-wide branded service culture project and planned the trainings of all customer service groups in 10 European countries, including Türkiye.

With the participation of BIC Türkiye Customer Services and Supply Chain Units, we shared the training and development programs we designed specifically for BIC needs and the expectations of the local market. The goal of the project; It was aimed to support the knowledge and skills of customer services on service quality, communication, coping with difficult situations and safe behaviour, and to gain new and effective skills. Training programs were implemented in Istanbul to cover all customer service and supply chain groups

Renault Global France has launched a training project for its employees, covering all countries in Europe, Türkiye and Russia, in line with its strategy of ‘Creating Customer Experience’, which it established to strengthen the communication with the customer. It made a strategic partnership with PDR in the Turkish part of this project.

After the Global trainings attended by our PDR Consultants in France, the project was designed specifically for Türkiye. Excellent Customer Experience Phase 1. R-Touch and Phase 2 Our R-Smile project has been successfully completed with trainings covering all employees (dealer employees, service network, sales network, headquarters and call centre).

The pandemic process experienced all over the world has deeply affected the pharmaceutical industry in particular. Difficulties such as difficult access to doctors, inability of employees to enter hospitals due to physical contact restriction, weakening of communication channels, and remote information exchange and sales negotiations came to the fore. Janssen started a global education project as a solution and development plan for these problems.

As a result of the internal trainings conducted by our PDR Consultants with the Global team, the first phase of the ‘Excellence in Remote Interaction’ training in Türkiye was given to medical delegates/representatives and sales team.

Türk Telekom International is a leading telecommunications operator in the CEE region, Türkiye, the Caucasus, the Middle East and Asia. The institution has chosen to work with the PDR Group in the Sales and Leadership programs to be held with the participation of its employees in Hungary and Austria.

Our program, which consists of three modules and a total of six days, that we have prepared for leaders, has been designed within the framework of our integrated training model, by making measurements and analysis before and after the training. After the training, the program was completed with one-to-one coaching in English.

In the same context, our Sales-School project was prepared in the form of competency analysis of the participants, classroom trainings with the content prepared after this analysis, and e-learning trainings as a follow-up project.

The program has been prepared in Türkiye, Hungary and Romania, taking into account sectoral and country differences.

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