ICF Accredited Programs

The condition that gave birth to the coaching profession and makes it so important; is that we need a driving force when we set the right goals for our own life and make our decisions in the changings we face. Professions are born when there is a need, or they die when the need is over. It is clear that it is not a coincidence that the coaching profession is among the fastest growing professions. Coaching; unlocking our full potential, helping us move forward in this fast-paced world with true vision and passion. Coaching is one of the most powerful tools that triggers our inner motivation and makes our dreams come true.

Our PDRICMA ICF Accredited Professional Coaching Programs talk about coaching from the inside out. In doing so, it benefits from in-depth studies and different disciplines.

Our approach is based on three fundamentals:

  • Every person has an ‘inner knowing/cognition’ about what is right for them.
  • People have ‘internal resources’ with which they can create the life they want as a result of the choices they make freely.
  • Every person has the potential to be developed and is unique.

As PDRICMA, we support the creation of a Coaching and Mentoring culture in institutions, and we always stand by our business partners with our different products and services in order to ensure sustainability.

Our Corporate Coaching Solutions

  • Internal Coaching / Internal Coaching
  • Coach-like Leadership
  • Agility Coaching
  • Performance Coaching
  • Executive Coaching
  • Senior Executive Coaching / Executive Coaching
  • Sales Coaching
  • Career Coaching
  • Rising Stars Coaching (Assessment Centre Coaching)
  • Team Coaching
  • Creating a Culture of Feedback
  • Professional Coaching Certification Program – Level 1
  • Advanced Coaching Certification Program – Level 2

For detailed information please visit us on www.pdricma.com.tr  or call 0 216 709 17 37