Competence and Performance Development

To improve the competencies and performances of our employees; It is about sharing and internalizing the vision, mission, purpose and goals of our companies with them.

Our role as PDR Group is; increasing the effectiveness of individuals and teams, supporting people to develop their competencies and increasing the efficiency of the organization.

All our solutions under our Performance and Competency Programs; are designed and developed to provide support at the Personal, Team and Organization level.

Developing Body Language Skills
Unconscious Bias
Conflict Management Skills
Behavioral Decision Processes and the Art of Persuasion
Internalizing Change
Accurate and Effective Speaking Skills
Train the Trainer
Creativity and Game Design in Education
Critical (Rational) Thinking
The Art of Influencing and Persuasion
Effective Oratory and Presentation Skills
Facilitation Skills
Finance for Non-Financiers
Feedback Techniques
Targeted Mind Mapping
Internal Train the Trainer Certification Program
Innovation Skills
Emotional Intelligence
Business Intelligence (Speed Reading, Memory Techniques)
Self-Knowledge and Self-Motivation
Institutional Orientation Programs
Institutionalize - MA
Be Curious and Innovative
Neuromarketing and Consumer Neuroscience
Positive Thinking Techniques and Positive Attitude
Problem Solving and Decision-Making Skills
Project Management Skills
Risk Management
Social Responsibility Project
Contract Management
Stress Management
Presentation Techniques
Design Thinking
Basic Foreign Trade
Power of Communication with Transactional Analysis (TAC)
Domestic and International Letters of Guarantee
Time Management / Personal Performance and Time Management / Productivity Management

After creating the training content according to the needs and expectations, we provide the first contact with our participant by sharing a field study, pre-test, homework, survey, reading piece or video.

After the most suitable method for training (on-line or face-to-face) is determined, presentations and applications are designed according to the type of training. All kinds of tools that will provide interactivity such as case studies, role-plays, practices, workshops are shaped in accordance with the training subject.

Necessary follow-up tools are used to transform training into behavior. In accordance with the training content, participants are enabled to continue their development after the training with resources such as post-tests, surveys and reading passages, as well as follow-up projects supported by LearnardoMicro LearningsE-LearningsPodcasts and Lutherone.

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