Professional Coaching Perception Survey 2021

Professional Coaching, which is an integral part of a healthy developing society, is an officially accepted profession in our country.

A privilege of ICF (International Coaching Federation) in Türkiye, ICF Türkiye, aims to promote the coaching profession correctly, increase its prestige, in order to stop the practices that are against the coaching competency criteria and ethical standards.

In this context, to be able to clearly see the positive / negative perception in our society about coaching, we conducted the Professional Coaching Perception Survey 2021 in cooperation with ICF Türkiye-PDR InSight in order to identify the source of negative coaching perception, how to turn a negative perception into a positive one, and how to strengthen and expand the positive perception. The names of the persons and institutions participating in the research are kept confidential within the scope of Law on the Protection of Personal Data.  You can reach us at info@pdr.com.tr to reach the results of the “Professional Coaching Perception Survey-2021”.   

Türkiye Institutional Education Processes Research

As PDR Group, we are conducting the most comprehensive “Türkiye Corporate Training Processes Survey” in the industry in order to research the Corporate Training and Development processes of companies operating in Türkiye and to share the current status report with all participating Human Resources, Training and Development Professionals.

Post Research; According to Sector-Company Structure and Size,

  • Number of Institutions Participating in the Research in Türkiye
  • Number of Persons Working in the Training and Development Department at the Participating Institutions
  • Annual Education Planning Periods
  • Annual Education Investments
  • Corporate Training Topics
  • Training Hours Per Person
  • Training Methods Used
  • Measurement of Training Efficiency and Investments
  • The Most Preferred Learning Models and Education Topics in Institutions


The results of the categories and sub-headings are shared free of charge with a detailed report with all institutions participating in the research. You can contact us at info@pdr.com.tr to participate in the research and get detailed information about the report.