Our Goal is the

Continuity of development with measurements

Research shows that no matter how successful the training, assessment centre or counsellor is, if the information conveyed is not used by the participants, it is less likely to turn into behaviour. For this reason, as PDR Group, we recommend the most appropriate inventories to individuals and institutions and integrate them into our programs in order to measure whether what has been learned in our training, development programs, assessment centre and consultancy processes are practised.

Our projects; are designed together with pre- and post-measurements, surveys, researches, measurement and evaluation tools based on observing performance and behaviour in order to measure the current situation and follow the development and share the results with the Participants, Human Resources, Training Managers and Senior Management.

Our Measurement and Assessment Tools:
Management Development Questionnaire (Leadership Styles)
Institutional Atmosphere Scan Survey
Institutional Energy Survey
Engagement Survey
Team Performance Research Questionnaire
Emotional Intelligence Measurement Questionnaire
Employee Satisfaction Survey
Training Needs Analysis
Assessment Centre Inventories
Customer Satisfaction Research
Sales Competencies Survey
Values Analysis

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