Experimental Learning

We support the Culture of Learning by Experiencing, which you aim to develop in your institution, with simulation, board game, indoor, outdoor activities, dealer meetings, launches and programs.

In our programs that support the Culture of Learning by Experiencing; Our activities, which are prepared under different competencies according to groups, number of participants, duration and purpose, are used as a tool to reach the development points determined for your employees.

Today, in every organization that wants to create a Culture of Learning by Experiencing:

To enable individuals and teams to exhibit managerial attitudes and personal leadership in order to achieve lasting results,

To increase the awareness, competence and skills of employees to be Result-Oriented, People-Oriented, Team-Oriented and Customer-Oriented individuals,

To create a “Corporate Culture” in organizations based on self-confidence, responsibility, loyalty, initiative and commitment,

To develop the competencies of middle and senior management groups in both business management and employee management,

To increase the skills of sales teams and sales managers in sales and marketing,

To increase the quality of service they offer and their customer-oriented perspective,

We support each other with the culture of learning by experiencing and help all our employees and managers learn and develop by experience.

Escape from Mars
A Friday Night in the Emergency Room
Giant Puppets
Team (Outdoor)
Revolution Cars
Antarctic Exploration Adventure
Treasure Hunt in the Historic Peninsula
Laughter Yoga
First Aid for Puffs That Don't Go with a Kiss
Basilisk’s Secret Passage Simulation
Road to Fame
Team Auction
Stone Age Rally
Airplanes Racing
Creative Train Journey
Executive Chess
Game Design in Training with Creative Drama
Creative Drama Programs
Mobile Vehicle Production
Winning Strategies

Catalogue of Experimental Learning