Digital Training Journey

Learnardo is a digital learning system created to support the competencies that individuals aim to develop with structured content.

We help you reach your corporate and individual goals with special content that we create according to topics.

Digital training journeys are supported by personalized animations, e-learning trainings and podcasts.

Learnardo Digital Platform Journey’s Steps

We start the process with the determination of the competencies expected to be developed by the people who will participate in our programs at the meetings we hold with your institution before our training projects. Digital development journeys are assigned after the competency measurement carried out specifically for target audiences with different inventories. If you wish, you can also upload your corporate documentation to our platform, where the e-learning programs that people have watched and internalized can be viewed individually on the system. We follow the programs with person-based simulation studies to measure whether the information learned by the participants in the trainings is transformed into behaviour. After the second measurement carried out at the end of the project, individual-based development areas are reported to your institution. If you want, you can assign ready-made trainings to your participants from the ready-made videos in our Learnardo Digital Training Library, or you can create video sets and packages to be shot specifically for your institution.