Our goal

We would like to support you to create a continuously collaborative and high-performance company culture with a data-supported platform.

In today’s busy business world we are all surrounded with high-expectations and many organizations may face decreased employee engagement and poor performance. Businesses using widely recognised and award-winning LutherOne platform can achieve the following:

  • 10% increase in employee loyalty·
  • 20% increase in employee NPS·
  • 15% – 25% reduction in recruitment budget due to reduced staff turnover·
  • 10% increase in productivity·
  • 10% time savings 

Please reach us via and/or phone: 90 216 709 1737 for detailed information on what LutherOne may offer you; continuous engagement surveys, performance and task management, skill and competency mapping, and 360-degree continuous feedback, social network, recognition/digital awards and more.

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One of the most important outputs provided by LutherOne platform is “Instant Measurement of Employee Experience”. At the 28th HR Summit held on 13-17 November 2023, PDR Group Chairman Ali Emre shared with us the importance of this issue with the theme of “The Power of Real-Time Data”. You can access the video from this link:

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In the second session of the summit, Jiri Baca, CEO of Lutherone, shared the effects of the power of continuous data that we obtain with instant feedback from our employees through  LutherOne platform on employee performance and engagement with the theme “The Power of Continuous Data in Managing Employee Performance and Attrition”.  You can access the video from this link:

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