Our Training and Consultancy Topics

PDR Group specializes in Training and Consultancy activities in the following areas:

  • Leadership Development, which aims to develop leaders and managers who adapt to changing conditions, implement business strategies with the most optimum solutions, and aim to make the vision of the institution the vision of everyone who works.
  • Sales and Marketing Development that aims for Sales and Marketing Teams and Managers to adopt a sales performance process aimed at targets and to gain a more proactive, focused and efficient working habit.
  • Corporate Culture, which aligns the corporate stance of the employees with the target the company wants to reach, by analysing the values, habits and beliefs of the employees and the culture that has settled in the institution.
  • Customer Experience aiming to gain new customers while retaining the existing customers by developing employees within the framework of the system and process, in order to create a customer-focused institution.
  • Competency and Performance Development, which aims to equip all employees with competencies to increase personal, team and organizational effectiveness with the approach of “people who feel good produce good results” and “people who produce good results feel good”
  • Coaching and Mentoring, which aims to provide the necessary coaching and mentoring competencies and tools to implement the strategies of business leaders and carry today’s organizations to success.
  • Human Resources Consultancy, which provides human resources consultancy to reveal human management and employee potential, and system design consultancy on organizational structuring, development and corporate communication.
  • Experimental Learning, which aims to increase the awareness, competence and skills of employees to be Human-Oriented, Result-Oriented and Customer-Focused individuals by experiencing them.