Uniting People on the Axis of Success and Excellence

In a world that is changing every day, it is not possible to lead people successfully with yesterday’s solutions. Managers have to demonstrate their coaching and mentoring competencies not only by successfully managing the organization, but also by showing a cohesive, unifying and inspiring performance as competent leaders.

As PDR Group, we aim to increase the competencies of our Leaders with special programs designed for managers at all levels.


After creating the training content according to the needs and expectations, we provide the first contact with our participant by sharing a field study, pre-test, homework, survey, reading piece or video.

After the most suitable method for training (on-line or face-to-face) is determined, presentations and applications are designed according to the type of training. All kinds of tools that will provide interactivity such as case studies, role-plays, practices, workshops are shaped in accordance with the training subject.

Necessary follow-up tools are used to transform training into behavior. In accordance with the training content, participants are enabled to continue their development after the training with resources such as post-tests, surveys and reading passages, as well as follow-up projects supported by LearnardoMicro LearningsE-LearningsPodcasts and Lutherone.

Leadership in Uncertainty
Leadership in Digital Transformation
Leaders Who Build Culture
Agile Leadership
Building Self-Managing Teams
Change Management
Discovery and Management of Talent
Situational Leadership
Emotionally Intelligent Leadership
Effective Feedback Dialogues
Effective People Management
Effective Leadership in Performance Interviews
Managing Different Generations
Management by Goals
New Generation Leadership Trends
Leadership in Diverse Cultures and Diversity
Developing Leadership
Leadership with the Power of Stories
Servant Leadership
Creating a Culture of Innovation
Coaching Leadership
Being the Face of the Institution
Leader's Brain Power
Using Delegation Leverage in Leadership
Area of Influence in Leadership - Body Language & Rhetoric
Transactional Analysis in Leadership
Blue Collar Executive Development Programs
Mentoring Skills
Risk Management
Design Thinking Leader
Remote Team Management
Visionary Leadership
Leadership 1.0
Interview Techniques for Managers
Managing the Manager
Developing Management and Leadership Skills
Crisis Management
Strategic Perspective in Leadership
Project Management for Managers
Leadership of the Team
The Role of the Leader in Corporate Reputation

Leadership Development Catalogue