Funda Bener

PDR Group Danışmanı

She graduated from Boğaziçi University, Department of Business Administration in 1987.

She completed his master’s degree in Organizational Behavior at Marmara University.  In particular, she deepened in the fields of “Change Management” (an academic study on the Importance of Effective Communication in Resistance to Change) and “Leadership” (Thesis study on Leadership Styles and the Leadership Approach That Employees Want to See in Turkey)

She worked in 3 different banks for 13 years (Finansbank, CreditLyonnais, Ottoman Bank). In 2001, She left banking and started training. In 2007, she received her ICF-approved coaching certification from Erickson College. With the title of MCC (Master Certified Coach) in coaching, she provides coaching services to many managers, including the top managements of institutions, and provides group and individual coaching in development and change projects.

She is a member of EMCC (Eurapean Mentoring and Coaching Council) and supports institutions in establishing a mentoring system and training mentors and mentees with the title of “practioner.”

 In 2018, She completed the Logotherapy training and exam focusing on “Man’s Search for Meaning” and received the title of Academic Associate in Viktor Frankl’s Logotherapy.

Competency determination and assessment center studies and determination of development areas as a result of assessment and program design for these areas are among the areas in which she works and specializes.

Since 2001, she has been working as a trainer and coach in projects on corporate change and individual transformation management, culture change, learning and development of managers and employees in Turkey’s largest corporate companies. In particular, the fact that leadership development is an important link with individual awareness and leadership development programs to be supported by individual and group coaching. Coaching-supported development and projects that support leaders to gain coach-like skills to develop their teams are the focus of designing and executing.

Between 2012 and 2016, she took part in the establishment of Carrefoursa Academy at Carrefoursa and managed CarrefourSA Academy for 3 years.

Boğaziçi University BRM (Boğaziçi Businessmen Association) continues to volunteer in the fields of social entrepreneurship projects and preparing young people for business life at Boğaziçi University Career Center, and continues to provide coaching and mentoring support to women entrepreneurs.